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Dandy-link technology company--an expert in infrared heating

Dandy-link technology company is a company committed to infrared heating products research and production. It  provides  advanced, energy-saving heating solutions and products.


Dandy-link infrared emitters (including short wave, rapid middle wave, carbon fibre, middle wave, irregular-shaped) have the following unique advantages:


1 Wavelength that suits you the most.

Dandy-link technology company produces emitters that cover all infrared wavelengths to meet different heating requirements and heat different objects. By choosing the most suitable heating wavelength, you can save a lot of money in energy consumption and equipment investment.


2 High heating density and power output.

By using high transmittance quartz and special filament-making skills, power output of our single tube emitters ranges from tens to thousands of KW. Furthermore,our twin emitters’ heating efficacy is twice as much as single one’s. With densely arranged emitters, the maximum power output can reach 200KW/M² (short wave) and 80KW/M² (medium wave).


3 reflection coating to boost efficacy

The gold or white inorganic substance reflection coating directs the infrared radiation to the heating objects, resulting in higher efficacy and less energy consumption.


4 Cleaner heating

Compared with other heating method, Infrared emitter does not have the issue of corrosion or peeling such as metal tube heater. You can even put the emitter in liquid without polluting it.


5 Better temperature control

The thermal inertia of our emitters is very low. Heating and cooling can be achieved within seconds. You can have more accurate temperature control and short preheating time saves you a lot of money.


6 Size and shape tailored to your needs

We produce different size and shape emitters according to your needs from severalcentimeters to three meters, from single tube to twin tubes and irregular shaped emitters.


7 Long service life

High quality glass and heating filament plus advanced skills contribute to the extra-long service life of our emitters. The average life of short-wave high efficient emitter is above 3000 hrs. The service life of our medium, long wave emitter is between 5000 to 20000 hrs (depending on type of emitters, installation condition and temperature environment etc,)


8 More cost effective

Despite the high quality of our emitters, we have a pricing system that you can absolutely accept. Walking away from  the  low quality heating products and choosing our emitters, you can get rid of a lot of trouble and focus more on your career.



Application of infrared emitters:


Emitters can be used in almost all fields that need heating, such as printing, shoe-making, food, coating, electronics, medicine, textile, wood, paper-making, automobiles, plastics, furniture, metal, packing machine and etc.

Heating objects:

Plastics, paper, paint, textile, cartoon, coating material,printing circuit board, leather,rubber, ceramic, glass, metal, food, vegetables, meat and etc.


Classification of infrared emitters:

Infrared is a kind of electromagnetic wave. Electromagnetic wave has a broad spectrum from ultraviolet, visible light to infrared. Temperature of the heating filament ( light filament or carbon filament) decides the wavelengths it emits. According to the position in the spectrum of the wave it emits, emitters can be classified as short wave (0.76~2.0µm), medium wave (2.0~4.0µm) and long wave (above 4.0µm).

All products have

passed ISO9001 &EU CE

Quality Certification