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Installation instruction of infrared emitters

Dear customer:

Thank you for choosing our products--high-efficient, energy-saving infrared emitters manufactured by Nanjing Dandy-link technology company.

Due to the special nature in the emitters’ material and structure, we sincerely recommend that the following notices be read carefully before installation and usage.


Handle with care

1Avoid shaking, pressing or squeezing in moving and piling the emitters in case the glass or the heating filament may get broken.

2 Avoid picking up the emitter on its end with one hand. The end (esp the sealing part) is prone to bending force.

3 Soft gloves are recommended in taking and holding the emitter. Wearing gloves not only prevents the emitter from being polluted by oil and sweat (which undermine heating efficacy) but also avoid hand injury if it is broken.

4 Avoid rigid fixation of the ceramic end or the emitter. Although thermal expansion of the emitter is minimal, the emitter may still break with rigid fixation after being heated. Enough space is needed at each ceramic end to prevent it from being damaged. We highly recommend our installation bracket ( steel or ceramic).

5 In most cases, two installation points are enough to fix the emitter. Three points are not recommended. If three points are necessary, please make sure the three points are in a straight line.

6 Try to keep the emitter horizontally. If it needs to be vertical or oblique, please contact our company while placing the order.

7 Avoid bumping or scratching of emitter (esp. emitter with gold reflection layer) with other equipment or tools. In handling the emitter with reflective layer, please place the side without reflection layer towards the work piece to be heated.

8 In order to prolong the emitter ‘s service life, try to keep its two ends (sealing part) in low-temperature zone (below 300℃). For instance, put the two ends outside the heating area.


Protect yourself

9 Some emitters may emit strong light during heating, avoid looking at it directly with naked eyes.

10 Avoid touching the emitter before it fully cools down.


11 To avoid electricity leakage, heat-proof insulation cover is highly recommended (esp the metal holes where the wire penetrates), even the wire already has insulation layer.


In order to save time and trouble , we recommend our installation bracket ( steel or ceramic) and our installation plan which is tailored to your particular needs. Should you have any questions regarding to installation and usage, please contact us at +8625-83361972, or email: dl@dandy-link.cn



All products have

passed ISO9001 &EU CE

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